Friday, September 24, 2004

Politics: Thank You, President Bush

The best thing to come from Bush's folly with the Gay Marraige Amendment has been the turning of Andrew Sullivan. While he can't seem to quite endorse Kerry, his preference is now clear, and his is a welcome voice from a largely forgotten "moderate" strain of Republican/Conservative. Sullivan's a good writer, and speaks from some good pulpits (the back page of TIME among others). Not everyone who reads Sullivan will realize he's gay and that's primarily why he abandoned Bush, but it doesn't matter. He's not shy about admiting disenchantment with the whole spectrum of Bush's awful policies and offers a nice template to people who are tempted to drop Bush, but aren't sure if they should. Welcome Andrew, we'll take help wherever we can get it.

His blog is chock full of less-shrill-than-those-from-the-Left Bush critiques like this one, and here's a nice column with some valuable advice I hope Kerry follows.

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