Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Politics: We Don't Need No Stinking Judges

Or, It's Good to Know the Governor, Part II.
Florida OK's Nader's Name on Election Ballot
Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader's name can appear on Florida ballots for the election, despite a court order to the contrary, Florida's elections chief told officials on Monday in a move that could help President Bush in the key swing state.

The Florida Democratic Party reacted with outrage, calling the move "blatant partisan maneuvering" by Gov. Jeb Bush, the president's younger brother, and vowed to fight it.

"I'm in disbelief," said Scott Maddox, chairman of the Florida Democratic Party. "This is blatant partisan maneuvering on the part of Jeb Bush to give his brother a leg up on election day."

Purging voter rolls, extending filing deadlines, defying court injunctions... what won't they do for big brother down in JebWorld?

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Tyrone Vitoff said...

See, my problem, is that I REALLY like Bush, but am a little ashamed, because all of my friends hate him, and peer pressure me into Kerry. So... I think I'm going to vote for Nader, so that Bush will win, and I won't have to accept responsibility for it. I will still be able to look my peer pressuring friends in the eye and say, I didn't vote for him.