Thursday, October 21, 2004

Baseball: Priceless? How 'bout Speechless

I can barely get my head around what has transpired. Simply amazing. I'll try and write something when my thoughts are coherent. Some stuff I've read today and over the last few days:

Great game diary here.

Sports Guy is flashing Pedro-in-'99-type stuff.

The Crank's got no dog in this fight, but still (as usual) worth checking out. Great comment in today's thread: "Fox needs to take a camera, put it in Steinbrenner's office this winter and make a reality TV show out of the ensuing mayhem.

The Clown can kiss my ass. What the hell is he going to write about now? Shaughnessy is probably rooting against the Sox in the WS so he can continue to ride his one-trick "Curse" pony.

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Dude Quixote said...

Please Red Sox, win the series. I am so utterly sick of hearing Red Sox nation say "we suffer so much" every year. You and I know this is such complete bullshit. Suffering is 119 losses. Suffering is Adam Bernaro as your ace. Suffering is having your franchise stolen away by Jeffrey Loria and Bud Selig. Red Sox nation knows nothing about suffering. So if the Sox can finally win, maybe that will end all of those eternal suffering stories we hear every august. One can always hope...

Great series. I think the next reality series will be Steinbrenner selecting his next GM, since Cashman is as good as gone.