Friday, October 15, 2004

Politics: RNC Fraud, Part II

I talked about Nevada and Oregon below, but you may (or not) recall that earlier this week in South Dakota, several Republicans were forced to resign positions in the Party for questionable handling of absentee ballot registrations [via kos].
Larry Russell, 3 others move to Ohio campaign

South Dakota campaign official who resigned after questions arose over absentee-ballot applications will work in Ohio for the Bush-Cheney campaign, an internal Republican Party memo indicates.

Larry Russell, who was chairman of the South Dakota Republican Party's get-out-the-vote operation, resigned this week after questions were raised about the validity of some of the 1,400 absentee-ballot applications gathered, largely on college campuses, by the program Russell led.

[...] When South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Randy Frederick announced the resignations of Russell and five others Monday evening, he said the state party has a "zero-tolerance policy."

But an internal Republican Party memo obtained by the Argus Leader said Russell would be going to Cleveland "to lead the ground operations" for President Bush and Vice President Cheney there.

Ohio is a swing state considered vital to a successful presidential victory.

"Zero tolerance policy" for fraud? Bullshit. Sounds more like the Party merely wants to put these unscrupulous crooks to better use in a swing state. Forced to resign over accusations of fraud? The GOP rewards you with a promotion from South Dakota to run the Bush/Cheney campaign in the biggest city in the key swing state.


Richard said...

Shouldn't you at least mention the substantial evidence of Democratic voter fraud (such as dead people registering in Ohio... again)? I understand that you don't pretend to be fair and balanced (and that's your prerogative- I certainly don't give equal time on my blog), but it's almost laughable for a Democrat to attempt to take the high ground on the issue of voter fraud.

Mr Furious said...

Laughable? I presume you're referring to the days of the Daley machine in chicago and "vote early, vote often". There's no question the Democrats have plenty of bad history on this issue. I won't pretend they don't.

But I'm not laughing about any of this crap any more. From the Electoral College, to electronic voting without a paper trail to scrubbing voter rolls, the "honest" democratic process is in deep shit.

I don't doubt there are instances on the Democratic side as well. I'll admit I'm biased, and I'm also getting most of my "news" from likewise-biased sources (other blogs and sticking on the left side of the media) so I haven't seen any stories about the Dems that compare to these from the Republicans. If you know of some, please send me a link.

As an aside, I'm happy you continue to drop by and comment, richard, I aften feel like it's just you and me around here...