Monday, October 11, 2004

Politics: Energy Policy Anyone? Bueller?

Gregg Easterbrook does a nice job analyzing what should be a much more prominant issue in this campaign. Energy Policy. What can a President hope to achieve? What are the two plans? What's realistic in an energy policy?

It turns out one candidate has a pretty good, scientifically sound, realistic and beneficial plan that will quickly pay dividends in consumption, pollution and national security. Hint: It's got nothing to do with invading other countries or drilling in the Grand Canyon...

[Note: To read the article you'll have to register for The New Republic's free content]

UPDATE: So, it spoils my fake suspense from above, but the subhead on the TNR table of contents is too good to let pass:

Turn On by Gregg Easterbrook
The best reason to vote for John Kerry? He might be the first president in decades with a real energy policy.

He's right, this is another reason why Kerry's got to quit fighting on the President's terms and territory. I know Iraq and the War are important, but where Kerry really distiguishes himself is in areas like this. Hopefully the final "all-domestic" debate will allow for this.

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