Friday, October 08, 2004

Politics: His transformation is now nearly complete...

Andrew Sullivan makes the case.
THE UNDERLYING FACT: [...] The fundamental question in this campaign is the war in Iraq. Was it worth starting? Has it been conducted well? Will it make us safer? My answers to those three questions are, briefly, yes, no, and, it depends. But from a broader perspective, the following facts are simply indisputable. The fundamental rationale for the war - the threat from Saddam's existing stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction - was wrong. Period. In the conduct of the war, it is equally indisputable that the administration simply didn't anticipate the insurgency we now face, and because of that, is struggling to rescue the effort from becoming a dangerous mess. Period. So the question becomes: how can an administration be re-elected after so patently misjudging the two most important aspects of the central issue in front of us? It may end up as simple as that. Maybe, in fact, it should end up as simple as that.

He's making the case on a dialy basis, I expect he'll be making his Kerry endorsement (for what it's worth) any time now.

Speaking of Kerry...why can't he state the case this clearly? This is a compelling enough argument for all but the most die-hard Bush/war supporters.

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