Friday, October 07, 2005

Bush: Hacktacular

The New Republic has a cover story on the Bush Administration's cronyism. They come up with their Top 15. Guess who's toppin' the charts [emphasis mine]...
Miers's croniness quotient is high. After all, the president has given her five jobs over the past eleven years. And senior White House aides have repeatedly remarked about her devotion to Bush. A Bush official's Danger to the Republic factor can generally be gleaned by the importance of his or her new job. And, while we grant that some unqualified candidates have turned out to be capable justices, Miers's lifetime appointment to the highest position Bush is authorized to fill is like winning the hack lotto.

[...] In announcing his choice, Bush pointed to her storied career as chairman of the Texas Lottery Commission. Although the Commission has historically not produced many Supreme Court justices, Bush has reason to be pleased with her lottery service. Miers may not have dealt with issues like civil rights or the death penalty, but she dealt with bingo.

[...] Miers's solid job at the Lottery Commission and her other work for Bush catapulted her into the upper ranks of the White House. After three years as staff secretary, she beat out Brett M. Kavanaugh, a bright conservative lawyer with a John Roberts-like resumé, for the job of White House counsel. It was this job that positioned her to lead Bush's search for a court nominee.

Good stuff. And as bad as Miers is, you should get a load of #2—the clown in charge of FEMA in the Pacific Northwest. You know, the part of the country with earthquakes and volcanoes. No chance actual experience with disasters might come in handy there. Bush tapped a 38 year old campaign hack who ran a coffee business. I guess Arabian horse qualifications were scarce in that corner of the country.

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