Tuesday, October 25, 2005

In Memoriam: Paul Wellstone (1944-2002)

Three years ago today, the country lost a tremendous servant and I lost my hero.

That fall I was probably at my political-agitation peak. I cannot tell you what a gutpunch the news of this man's death was. The race for some out-of-state Senator was the most important thing to me. Paul Wellstone actually made me feel like I was fighting FOR something. Even last year's elections, while bigger than 2002, were not the same to me, because no one running was inspiring or even earned my respect (aside from a brief window with Dean who tried to channel Wellstone). The elections were about Bush and not hope. Hope had died in a Minnesota field two years earlier.

No politician alive (that I've heard of anyway) is or will be anything close to Paul Wellstone. Tragic. For his family, for Minnesota, and for the country. Never have we needed a man like him more than the past few years.

Go to the library and get his book. And be inspired.

UPDATE: The book is back in print

Deserved photo credit to Jeff Wheeler

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