Friday, October 21, 2005

Music: Friday Random Ten — ALL NEW!!

Shakin' things up. Went to the library last week and took out a good 20-30 CDs and uploaded 'em all. Also made some progress out of my collection at home. The result? A whole new playlist on the iPod. There'll be some overlap with the old list here and there, but no matter how hard that little guy tries, there'll be no live Journey or Chris Isaak...

1. "Red Dragon Tatoo" - Fountains of Wayne
2. "Whole Lotta love" - Led Zeppelin
3. "Cecilia" - Simon & Garfunkel
4. "Take a Picture" - Filter
5. "Super Bad" - James Brown
6. "Blue Light'" - David Gilmour
7. "Freedom" - Rage
8. "Mr. E's Beautiful Blues" - Eels
9. "The Camera Eye" - Rush
10. "3 Is A Magic Number" - Blind Melon

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Mr Furious said...

1. "Red Dragon Tattoo" - Fountains of Wayne Not the first choice I'd make from these guys, but, welcome to my earphones... 7
2. "Whole Lotta love" - Led Zeppelin Zep II was one of the first CDs I ever bought. It was playing on the speakers at Crazy Eddie's when I was there with my roommate back in 1987 or so(?). I didn't even have a CD player yet and I bought it. This is what Zeppelin is all about. 10
3. "Cecilia" - Simon & Garfunkel Despite the fact that my mom used to listen to this, it's still cool. 8
4. "Take a Picture" - Filter A good enough song for a sellout single on a sophomore effort, but it's not real Filter. I can remember telling my girlfriend at the time, "You're not gonna like the rest of that CD." 6
5. "Super Bad" - James Brown Nuff said. 9
6. "Blue Light'" - David Gilmour Wow, I forgot all about this album. Forever settling the debate of Gilmour vs. Waters for me. Tremendous. 8
7. "Freedom" - Rage "Yeah...right..." God, Audioslave sucks compared to this. 8
8. "Mr. E's Beautiful Blues" - Eels Great song. Thankfully, this is the version off a CMJ disc. I inadvertantly bought a censored version of the album, and this song (and others) are completely fucking destroyed. "[blank]damn it's a beautiful day..." they didn't even beep or dub something else in, they just muted the first half of the word. And that's the goddamn chorus. Grrr. Pisses me off to this day. 8
9. "The Camera Eye" - Rush Wow, It's easily been fifteen years since I've heard this song. I feel like I'm wearing my tape walkman on my paper route. 8
10. "3 Is A Magic Number" - Blind Melon I don't have a lot of use for Blind Melon, but this is a great tune. Yep, it's the schooolhouse rock song, and this is a great, funky version. 9

8.1 average?!? It would seem so. Guess that makes me pretty damn cool... Somehow I doubt IMS Amanda would concur.

Stash said...

Sorry to hear about your missing Rage disc. I only have a few of the songs myself got them off of a friends iTunes.

A highschool friend of mine made off with my vinyl record of Let's Get Metaphysical by David Gilmore.