Thursday, October 06, 2005

Music: Friday Random Ten

1. "Take the Power Back" - Rage
2. "Gideon" - My Morning Jacket
3. "Black Limousine" - Rolling Stones
4. "Supersatellite" - Our Lady Peace
5. "Gone Crazy" - Marcy Playground
6. "I'm Nuthin'" - Ethan Hawke
7. "In Memory Of Elizabeth Cotton" - fIREHOSE
8. "Go Let it Out" - Oasis
9. "Flame" - Sebadoh
10. "Spit" - NY Loose

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Mr Furious said...

Working off my G5 at home and not my iPod, so it's drawing from a different pool...

1. "Take the Power Back" - Rage God, Audioslave is a hunk of shit. That's my first thought when I hear good old-fashioned Rage Against the Machine. Then, I think about the song. This one is indelibly marked in my brain as the prison riot in "Natural Born Killers." 9.0

2. "Gideon" - My Morning Jacket I can't pretend I'm cool enough to have been into these guys for their first three albums... I never heard of them before watching an interview with Cameron Crowe last month about his upcoming movie. Then I get my new issue of PASTE and they are the first track on the CD. This band is about to get completely over-hyped and over-played, but based on this tune, they're pretty good. 8.0

3. "Black Limousine" - Rolling Stones Decent deep cut off Tattoo You. 6.0

4. "Supersatellite" - Our Lady Peace I was pretty into this album, Naveed back when it came out. Sounds a bit dated now, but still rocks the hell out the crap posing as hard rock now. 7.0

5. "Gone Crazy" - Marcy Playground A band I immediately dismissed upon hearing the "Sex and Candy" single. Years later, I love their first two albums. Seriously. Love them. 8.0

6. "I'm Nuthin'" - Ethan Hawke Ugh. Snuck in from the 'Reality bites' soundtrack. It's my wife's CD, I swear. You can be sure this will never be played again in my iTunes. Immediately brings to mind two of the most annoying and undeserving movie characters ever fighting over Winona Ryder. 2.0

7. "In Memory Of Elizabeth Cotton" - fIREHOSE Quirky acoustic number from Mike Watt's old (best) band. 8.0

8. "Go Let it Out" - Oasis Tremendous song. Best thing Oasis ever did. 9.0

9. "Flame" - Sebadoh A good song from an old CMJ disc. Supposedly a good band, never bought any of their stuff. 6.0

10. "Spit" - NY Loose Pretty solid song from a band that I bought solely based on hearing them when I walked into the record store—back when I used to go into record stores... What Joan Jett & the Black Hearts might sound like if they came out in 1999. 6.0

6.9 average. Ethan Hawke just killed me. I suppose I need to go back to hating him again.