Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Don't Answer That, it's Dinnertime!"

You're not even going to believe this. Just go watch.

Quicktime. If you need Windows Media Player, go to Crooks and Liars, but it will ruin the surprise some.

[h/t Otto Man]


Mr Furious said...

Since I want you to view the video without giving the story away, here is my comment on Michael Brown:

That motherfucker. I seriously cannot come up with an insult or punishment to fit this guy.

What's truly most amazing, is that there are enough lackeys around to fully staff these assholes like Brown and Bush. What the fuck is the matter with this guy's staff? Did no one think about speaking up? "Commissioner, maybe we ought to order in and work through dinner?" Is that too fucking hard?

It's like all the pussies on Bush's staff who were afraid to tell him he'd have to cut his vacation short.

I guess when insecure pieces of shit reach certain levels of power it's all we can expect.

TallDave said...

Re GM food:

Ah yes, thank you for clarifying. The giant picture of Jonathon next to the article threw me.

Hmmm, Nathan B. Batalion, the actual author of the article, who claims biotech is “death science” and compares it to the Nazis, also appears to lack any credentials. So I’m not sure how that bolsters your point.

Asbestos is not genetically modified food. Science says asbestos is bad for you. Science says GM food is not bad for you. See how that works? I hope this was a helpful lesson.

I love this thread. It’s so amusing to see green lefties resorting to the same crap arguments that fundy righties use to against stem cell research and for intelligent design.

The problem both sides have is that pretty much all the responsible scientists are on the record saying their arguments are crap.

But of course their faith is immune to rational argument. We shall prevail over logic and reason!

Mr Furious said...

I was SHOCKED to get the email that TallDave had wandered over from John Cole's and left a comment.

Now that I'm here, and I've read it, I have no idea what the hell he is talking about...

He and I got into it a bit over at Cole's place on the topic of genetically modified food—he's willing to eat whatever a giant corporation feeds him, me not so much.

Anyway, this stems from that somehow, and it seems he's compiled a medley of his comments into one non-sensical blob and thrown in over here ina completely unrelated thread.

Um, okay.

Obviously asbestos is not food, jackass. My point is that once upon a time, the industry, science and prevailing wisdom all thought that asbestos was safe enough to fill our attics with and use as mulch at the playground. Didn't quite work out that way, did it?

Just because some corporation with a clear interest in the results declares a product safe, doesn't make it so. Only the long-term will truly tell us what, if any, impact there will be. Both on consumers, farmers and, perhaps most importantly and mysteriously, the ecosystem.

Chow down, TallDave.