Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dick of the Week: Mike Lieberthal

I've been meaning to start a recurring feature like this for a while now (oddly enough, it was another dick catcher, Jason Kendall, that was my original inspiration). This will not be relegated to the worlds of politics, sports or baseball, but I have to make a concerted effort to think outside the asshole box, or Bush and Cheney will have a stranglehold on the award...

Here is Phillies catcher Mike Lieberthal going into the stands after a foul ball and swatting a little girl in the head with his big ole catcher's mitt, failing to make the play and then walking away without giving the girl a second glance. Yes he hits her. Yes, she's crying. And no, he doesn't even make the catch. What kind of a cold bastard steamrolls a little girl and then just turns around and picks up his mask...?

Runners-up? The umpire and firstbaseman also turn around and walk away, and the announcers continue to pretend nothing happened and "it scared her more than anything..." despite every replay showing Lieberthals glove clocking her right in the head. The ball is out of play now, you douchebags, would it kill you to apologize or pause for a second and see if she's okay? And Dodgers, what kind of a fucking fence is that? Who's brilliant marketing strategy was a deathwish section?

Nice job, Lieberthal you're the inaugural DOW.


Anonymous said...

hey furious!

are you sure you didn't meant dick of the month!

what, did you get a job?

Well then, do your job, ya fuck!


Anonymous said...

want to see a fat guy play bass on the radio?!?


look at me i'll look at you

Mike said...

Hmmmm. Them's two strange comments, no?

Anyhoo, Furious, I'm ready to find out who the new Dick o' the Week is.

Anonymous said...

yes, they are 2 strange comments, which basically translate to: "Hey Furious, get off your ass and post something!"

and I know it only takes me a minute get a blogger account, but i like being anonymous.

Now post something or I will fill your comments with more inside jokes to confuse your loyal following!

The Fat Guy Playing Bass

Mike said...

Well, Furious, at least you have a loyal following.

Otto Man said...

I gave up baseball sometime in the mid-90s, so let me ask -- what park is that, and what idiot thought that was a good place for seats?

Mr Furious said...

Can't a guy take his family to the beach for the weekend?

Glad to see you're still coming around ya fat bastard.

Don't worry Mike, those comments make perfect sense to me and that idiot. And no one else.

That's a pretty good tune, I have it on in the background now because I got tired of staring at your man-boob. Get a manssiere! (I should talk... I'm over a buck-eighty these days... and bald. I gave in and shaved my head a couple weeks ago.)

Seriously. Good tune. Were you guys live on the radio for that? Nice little bassline.

You gotta stop directing the videos, however. No one wants to look at the bass player...

Mr Furious said...

As for Dick of the Week... the early money's on Bush or J.J. Redick. *

Ben Roethelberegeron blew away the competition for Dumbass of the Week.

But my weeks just beginning (no TV or internet since Friday) so gimme a chance to catch up.

* hmm. that could be any week...

Mr Furious said...

OM, that's Dodger Stadium. Those seats are only dangerous for the three innings the fans show up.

Anonymous said...

ha ha, the camera that was used doesn't allow you to zoom once you are filming. Actually, that was the drummers girlfriend filming, and i doubt i was her top priority, just (un)lucky placement.


this is a link from the radiostation we (well, mostly Rebekah)were on, we start at the 9:00 mark and are on for 20 - 30 minutes. play songs live.

Hey, this blogging is great shamelss self promotion! my next post may have a link to buy CD's!

Anonymous said...

303.m3u link

now i see why none of your links email properly.

you would have to string that together with no spaces.