Thursday, June 22, 2006

D.O.W: Joe Lieberman = Bucky Dent

If you grew up in New England over the last thirty years, you might know about a certain Yankee shortstop and a little October home run. No doubt uttered instinctively by many thousands at the moment, the reaction to that unlikely home run has evolved to become part of Boston lore and an unofficial part of the player's name — Bucky Fucking Dent.

Joe Lieberman is not only the Dick of the Week, he's making a run at eternal Dent-status.

[C&L] The GOP opening remarks against the Democrats amendments to get out of Iraq were given by Joe Lieberman. It's no longer a matter of just not voting with the party, but he publicly opened the debate for the GOP.

John Warner:
"I'd like to now offer the first fifteen minutes [of my time] to the Senator from Connecticut"

Holy Joe:
"Mr. President, I rise to oppose the amendments introduced by the Senator from Michigan and others and the other amendment introduced by the Senators from Massachusetts and Wisconsin--I remember in that debate quoting the biblical wisdom in warning that 'if the sound of the trumpet is uncertain-who will follow into battle.' I suppose in our time we might amend that to say 'if the sound of the trumpet is uncertain-who will stay in battle"

Rick Santorum:
"...and if I could also associate myself with the remarks made by the Senator from Connecticut. I agree with them wholeheartedly. I thought they were incredibly articulately made and hits on all the relevant points as to why these two amendments should be defeated."

You didn't just voice concern or disagreement with your Democratic colleagues, you literally went over to the other side and took shots at your own party!!

There's been speculation that if Ned Lamont beats Lieberman in a primary, he'd run as an independant candidate for CT Senator. Why wait, Joe? With this latest betrayal I don't even know how you can pretend to be a Democrat any longer.

After you both lose this fall, you and Little Ricky can sit around and console each other while you wonder why Bush doesn't kiss you any more and your Republican buddies never take your calls.

And your ad sucks too.

Dick of the Week: Joe "Fucking" Lieberman


Smitty said...

A couple things:

First, GREAT picture. Is it just me, or does Holy Joe seem to actually have more teeth along his bottom jaw than anyone else? Like maybe as many as, say, a opossum?

Secondly, I think Lieberman sees himself as so fucked this Fall that he's gunning for the Independent/Libertarian vote. That, or he's a seedy liar and we should be happy that Gore did us a favor and lost so this slouch couldn't be veep.

Mr Furious said...

No wonder he's so droll and monotone. The 86 teeth he's got wedged in there trap any emotion behind a wall of enamel...

S.W. Anderson said...

Lieberman has asked for the many shots being taken at him, all right.

But what about so many other Democrats who can't seem to speak and act with solidarity on anything?

When that slimy hypocrite Karl Rove made his ugly remark about Democrats not being around for any final battles, why didn't congressional Democrats — every single one of them, except Lieberman of course — go down to the White House to publicly and loudly demand an apology?

When Russ Feingold wanted to try for impeachment, most Democrats hid under their desks or something. Afraid of giving his presidential bid a boost, I guess.

I think it would do wonders for the Democrats if just once they would all turn out to defend one of their own, or to stand up for something they feel strongly about. There seems to be a little Lieberman in most of them, and it's hurting all of them.

Smitty said...


I agree with much of what you say. I think your words speak to a much larger disenfranchisement of many "centrist," or, moderate voters. People who are unhappy with the direction the Bush administration is headed are stuck with the equally dismal choice of voting for people who really don't stand for anything on one hand, or voting for what they dislike on the other hand (because at least it's something).

I don't see a lot of Lieberman in all of them, because at least he stands up. It's always for the wrong stuff, but hey. He makes a stand. The less they stand up overall, the more this "cut-and-run" mantra the Rs have been giving them again will stick.

Nader is not a viable option for a third party. Who is? What choices do I have left?

DED said...

Never liked Lieberman. Never voted for him. Never will. If he thinks that running as an independent is going to help him win the independent/Libertarian vote he's nuts.

Smitty, if everyone who decided to vote either Republican or Democrat because voting for third parties is waste of a vote, then the political landscape would be much different today. Too many people have bought into the bullshit that the two major parties have spewed for decades, "You're throwing your vote away by voting for them. We're all you've got." If Americans didn't take a chance on other political parties, we'd still have Federalists and Whigs.

Mr Furious said...

In and out of a seminar all day today, so I only have a second...

All three of you are right.

1. Dems need to stand up.

2. People need a clear choice, and a reason to vote for somebody besides the lesser of two evils.

3. I wish there was a third party.

Gotta run. Back later.

S.W. Anderson said...

I'm annoyed with the Democrats generally for not showing solidarity. I realize they've been through a long rough patch, and maybe that's had a psychological effect on them. Plus, they're up against people who don't just spin and shade the truth on the margins, but a damnable criminal conspiracy in political party camouflage whose principals lie first, last and always. It's a whole new ballgame.

Even so, I'm not in favor of forsaking the party. I don't see a viable third party or suitable candidate. Sometimes, you have to work within the framework of what's available, and for my two cents' worth, even with their current half-assedness, Dems have got it all over the opposition where values, issues, honesty and decency are concerned.

One thing I think would help is for congressional Democrats to get together and settle on a political strategist they'll all take direction from, similar to the way right wingers take marching orders from Rove. Fight fire with fire, in other words.

James Carville strikes me as a good guy for the job, except I'm put off a little by the fact his missus is a close aide of Dick Cheney's. I don't think he'd deliberately say or do anything at home that would hurt Dems, but it would put him in an awkward situation.

Bill Clinton would make a great strategist, but of course he's all about getting Hillary the '08 nomination.

I wonder if Gary Hart might be a good one for the job. He's smart and experienced.

DED said...

The Republicans would pounce on Gary Hart's "Monkey Business" escapade with that hot chick (Donna Rice IIRC). He wouldn't stand a chance with in today's Evangelical Christian political climate.

Eric Dondero said...

I'm a libertarian, and Joe Lieberman's recent noises about switching to Independent have impressed me. I think you downplay the amount of libertarian support out there. If he switches he could pick up a great many "Jesse Ventura style" libertarian/independent voters who would have otherwise never voted for the man.

Mr Furious said...

Sorry, Eric. Lieberman shouldn't impress you for running as an independent if the only reason he does it is because he lost his primary fair and square. That shouldn't really impress anyone.

If Lieberman had the courage of his convictions, declared that the Democratic Party had left HIM, and he was running as an independant NOW, you might have a reason to vote for him.

If you vote for him because you are a Libertartian and you respect his status as an "Independant", I'd have to say you are a fool.

In fact, Lieberman when you combine his liberal positions, his hawkishness and most of all, his MORAL positions, is about as un-Libertarian as you can get.

Don't fall for it.