Monday, June 26, 2006

Music: Jack White Rules

No time last week for a Friday Random Ten, and I'll be out of town later this week, so there'll lkely be none again. But I can't go three weeks without a chance to talk about the new album from Jack White's (of the White Stripes) new side band, The Raconteurs.

I was reading an interview with Jack Black (NAAACCCHHHOOO!!!!!!!) and he mentioned he was really into Jack White's new band. A quick trip to iTunes was in order...

The jury is still out on the whole album, it's definitely strong, but there are a couple of great songs worth highlighting. "Steady As She Goes" is the first song, and taking a page from the Foo Fighters playbook, it's the first single. Hooked me instantly. You can hear the whole thing by watching the video(s) here (It's a wacky faux-80s website, so there's no direct link to the videos. It's under "Media" -- the second video is more entertaining and features Paul Reubens as the villain).

But the early frontrunner for my song of the year is "Intimate Secretary." Phenomenal. No link to hear it beyond the 30-second iTunes'll give you, but trust me, spend the buck and buy it. You won't be disappointed. That song will be garnering a "9" the first time it comes up in an FRT, with a possible 10th point for the use of the word "kakistocracy."

Nothing against Meg, but it is great to hear Jack fleshed out with a whole band behind him. Particularly the addition of a really tight rhythm section.

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