Thursday, June 01, 2006


Since I just wasted my lunch hour on laser pointers, I now present far more important topics in an abbreviated compilation that belies their outrage factor...

Bush and DHS Still Don't Know Ass From Elbow
After years of criticism for doling out too much anti-terrorism money per capita or per actual threat-assessment to the likes of South Dakota at the expense of NYC, LA, DC and the like, Michael Chertoff and the DHS promised to come up with a new formula that would better distribute funds to areas actually at risk from terrorism. what did the new formula come up with? New York City officially has "zero" national monuments or icons and they slashed funding by forty percent. Feel safer yet? Read this WaPo Article if you think your blood pressure can handle it.

AP Still Swinging at Reid
The AP's bounty hunt on Harry Reid takes another sordid turn. The Carpetbagger has been all over this (parts one, two and three), along with TPM. The AP should be ashamed, and John Solomon out of a job (or at least working at FOX, which was probably what this story was an audition for...). It's hard to believe Reid is left with little or no recourse to this.

Glenn's Special Unabridged Outrage
Of course there's much more at Greenwald's than laser pointers... Is Arlen Specter just teasing us again? [link]; two posts on the latest ethics-impaired White House hire [here and here]

Whither Democrats?
A great post by Jane Hamsher on Hayden making it out of Committee. Of course, since then he was overwhelmingly confirmed. Sigh. Pooh had a great follow on that topic.

File Under: Outrageous Lawsuits
"PORTLAND, Oregon (Reuters) - An Oregon man has filed a $1.6 million "loss of companionship" claim against a neighbor who ran over his family's 13-year-old dog, Grizz." [story]

A Bone for Comic Geeks
Not outrageous, but rather enjoyable, I stumbled across a link to this old NPR piece that is relevant again with the release of X3. Which of course reminds me of this great "This American Life" episode [click "Our Favorites" on the left and scroll down to "Superheroes"].

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S.W. Anderson said...

The latest antiterrorism funding nonsense may in part have something to do with old Bush clan animosity toward the Big Apple.

As president, George H.W. Bush wasn't up for meeting with the Urban League and other big-city groups. Don't hold me to it, but I think he once spoke at a National Conference of Mayors gathering and got a chilly reception.

Anyway, the capper for Bush 41 came when New York City got itself into a financial jam and sought bailout-type help from the federal government. Bush 41 made it clear he wouldn't go along. Big Apple media produced some uncomplimentary headlines, editorials, Op-eds and letters to the editor.

Bush 41 famously responded by saying New York City could go to hell. One of the tabloids, the Daily News, I think, ran that on page one in typical super-size type. You can imagine the reaction to that.

After 9-11, owing to how much political hay there was to be made there by a Bush 43 already obsessing about getting reelected, there was a truce. Suddenly, he was President "I Love N.Y."

Given Rep. Pete King's ballistic reaction to the antiterrorism funding cut, however, the love affair may be phhhttt for good.