Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"Answer the question, Claire!"

Now, you suck too, Obama?

Now I recognize that I am at my absolute low-water mark with the Democrats, and that this is the stupidest of topics to base a political decision on... But for fuck's sake, can any of these non-committal, afraid-to-offend, pandering, calculating jerkoffs ever answer a freaking question?

"Yes" or "No." All that stuff about sports and kids, and cynicism is fine, but take a goddamn stand, already.

I've fucking had it with these losers.

And, yes. You should honor Bonds at the White House.


Toast said...

Love the reference in this post title. Well done, sir.

Mr Furious said...

At another point, Hillary declared that "candidates shouldn't answer hypotheticals."

I'm sorry...did I hear you correctly? Since you want people to fucking VOTE on what kind of President you might be...hypothetically perhaps you might indulge us.

Gee, Senator, ever pose any hypothetical questions in a confirmation hearing?

Get off the fucking stage.