Wednesday, August 01, 2007

In Ten Years Will These Guys Even Remember Being in Office?

Cheney actually gets to trot out both of his favorite unproveable lies in this brief exchange: "I don't recall." and "I haven't seen the story."

I particuarly LOVE the old "I haven't seen the story." Do you think for one second that Dick Cheney is unaware that the NY Times has fingered him as the man who gave the order for Gonzo to harrass Ashcroft in the hospital? Of course he's aware of it. Right down to the puncuation. In this and every other case when he feigns ignorance, he's full of shit. I suppose it's plausible he might have one of his lackeys come in a read it to him so he doesn't have to actually see it, but, come on...


S.W. Anderson said...

Surely you didn't expect candor, maybe even truth, at this late date.

That clip is probably the kind of thing they sit around in some White House back room watching after hours, swilling beer and laughing their asses off.

Smitty said...

SWA is right. These callous fucks watch the crap being reported and printed about them and laugh, mostly because nobody is going to do anything about it.