Thursday, August 02, 2007


Perhaps a little late, but, in honor of the movie, here are a few Simpsons related links:

If I Lived in Springfield
Go to the movie website to create yourself as a Simpsons character. That's me. Except for an inability to represent my facial hair, this isn't too far off...

Best. Simpsons Character. Ever.
The Chicago Tribune held a "Simpsons Tourney." I had last checked in during the Final Four—Homer v. Ralph Wiggum, Moe v. Apu. Final results and the whole bracket here.

The Trib also has three trivia, here and here.


Mrs. Furioius said...

Oh Sweet Jesus... you do not look like that! Uggghhhh! Your "wee mee" is a much better representation of you. Your "wee mee" could actually be you.

The thought of that Simpson's you makes me gag!

Mr Furious said...

Is it the yellow skin?..

Mr Furious said...

You know, "Mrs. Furioius" is spelled wrong.


Mr Furious said...

It's true, the WeeMee is much better.

Mrs. Furious said...


That is pretty funny... I never noticed it is so apparent!

Mrs. Furious said...

And it has more to do with the slight sway back... he kind of reminds me of "young nerd"
terrible, horrendous & unnerving