Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Banana in the Tailpipe

Over the last week Apple updated Safari, and Blogger made me roll the blog over from Beta to "New Blogger". Now my browser crashes constantly from the dashboard—I don't know which to blame! Happening to anyone else? Serious PITA. If this keeps up, I might take the whole thing over to WordPress...

UPDATE: Using FireFox I was able to complete my big Hillary post...no crashes. Seems like it is Safari. FireFox seems fine, it easily imported all my stuff from Sfari, but it is just slightly less attractive. Feels/looks a bit too PC-ish.


Rickey Henderson said...

Don't switch over to wordpress damnit... Rickey lacks the knowhow to update the link to your site!

Trouble with Safari, huh? Try dowloading Firefox. Rickey's also a Mac owner and Safari totally stinks. Definitely Give Firefox a shot.

fridge said...

But wait. I thought Mac owners had an easy, virus-free, everything-just-works life? Not so? Ask the slacker kid with the scruffy beard how to fix it.

New blogger works great for me in Vista, btw, on both IE7 and Firefox. Haven't tried it in Safari, the window version of which I tried and thought utter crap. I'm with Rickey. Fridge adores Firefox.

And yes, I'm being snarky with you for no reason at all. You're taking the brunt of my ill-will toward all smug Apple users.

Mr Furious said...

In response to you, Fridge, I will now blame Blogger and get back to my perfect little Mac life.

[quietly sneaks off to download Firefox...]

All Adither said...

Or Typepad! I like it.

I hate Firefox. For some reason it won't show graphics on my iBook G4. Grrr.


Chris Howard said...

Damn, Fridge beat me to it. But still, switch to XP and get Firefox. And while you're at it, ditch those has-been ipods and get a new 80GB Zune.

Rickey Henderson said...

Don't listen to these philistines Furious. Rickey would sooner nail his member to a structure fire than switch to Vista. Firefox gets the job done just fine.