Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Anybody is an Improvement.*

Just bask in the glow of our current brain-dead President's EEG and remember that everyone running—on either side—at least has the capability of speaking at an adult level.

Or, conversely, assume the fetal position and weep quietly while recalling that this fucking moron was elected, not once, but twice.

*No, actually, Rudy Guiliani is NOT an improvement, but at least he can construct a sentence. He just uses "9/11" in place of punctuation.


Mike said...

Rudy no!

(And that was my agrammatical abortion of sentence in honor of Big Dubya.)

Gigs said...

I've had my "Anyone But Bush" sticker on my car for five years, now accompanied by my "1.20.09 Bush's Last Day" sticker. I've been weeping for years...

S.W. Anderson said...

Actually, this reticence, this halting attempt to sound a warning without setting off alarm bells that we're likely to nuke Tehran before dawn tomorrow, is the kind of thing Bush should've been doing when the weapons inspectors were working in Saddam's Iraq and Bush was wetting his pants because he had all these troops poised to invade, and he and Deadeye Dick couldn't wait to get on with it.

It gives me hope Bush finally gets it that he's so far on the wrong side of the American people, plus a whole lot of world leaders, that he dare not haul off with what he, and especially Cheney, really want to do.