Thursday, January 31, 2008

Desktop Meme

Toast is propagating a new visual meme—show your desktop. So here's my desktop at work:

Yeah, that's right—dual widescreens, baby.

The left side is the 20" monitor, the right side is the 20" iMac it's attached to. My "Dock" is not normally visible unless I run the cursor down there, but there'd be nothing to look at if I didn't show it to you.

This, of course is what it looks like with nothing open. Once the day gets rolling, you won't see a bit of that gray background...Usually there's a bunch of icons trashing up the place, but I had just cleaned that crap up at the end of the day yesterday—this is tidier than normal.

I'll do my home (work) computer tonight.

In both cases, the background is plain gray, because I do a lot of photo-editing and color correction, and crazy backgrounds are distracting. My screensavers are slideshows of pics of the kids.

Oh, I figure I'll do Toast one better and let you see the full scale of my disorganizational capabilities—here's my desk:

It looks much worse/overwhelming in person, trust me.

UPDATE: Here is my home computer, which is really a work computer (tons of freelance). I noticed tonight what an abomination my desktop is—littered with icons—and realized I should share...


Toast said...

Cool. Maybe I'll post a full desk pic later. Oh, and Wilde gets credit for kicking this one off, not me.

fridge said...

I don't have to post a desk because yours looks pretty much like mine.

You should see Toast's. Very orderly. I used to go and mess stuff up just to piss him off. Course, this was some time ago, but I doubt that time has changed that about him.

-- I deleted the above post because it says "mine looks like mine", which is clearly true, but not very revealing of anything but my sleep-deprived brain.

Angelos said...

Yeah, two monitors is a must for serious work, especially toolbar-intensive apps like Photoshop and InDesign.

As is plain.

I don't bother with the gray though, because when I'm in Lightroom, I'm full screen.