Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dick of the Week: Tomas Delgado

Per Smitty's nomination. I think on the 30th, it's safe to just promote this asshole to Dick of the Month...
Driver Who Killed Teen Sues for Damage

MADRID, Spain Jan 25, 2008 (AP) A speeding motorist who killed a teenage cyclist is suing the boy's parents over damage to his luxury car, the government says.

Enaitz Iriondo, 17, died instantly in August 2004 when businessman Tomas Delgado's Audi A8 crashed into him at 100 mph near Haro in northern Spain, an Interior Ministry traffic report said. The speed limit was 55 mph.

Iriondo was not wearing reflective clothing or a helmet, the ministry report said. As the sun had set when he crossed the path of Delgado's car from a side road, a regional court found both parties at fault and closed the case, the report said.

Delgado, whose insurance company paid Iriondo's parents $48,500 in compensation for their son's life, filed a suit in late 2006 to recover $29,400 in damages to his car and car rental costs, the ministry traffic report said.

"It's the only way I have to claim my money back," Delgado was quoted as saying by the newspaper El Pais, which first reported the story on Friday. El Pais said a ruling was expected next week.

Iriondo's parents were shocked.

"It's the final straw, a stab in the back," Iriondo's mother, Rosa Trinidad said, according to El Pais. "Before the lawsuit we thought the poor guy would find it hard to live the rest of his life with the thought of having caused our son's death.

Sorry Mrs Trinidad, apparently the only thing this guy had trouble living with was being out his deductible. This dick's punishment is a no-brainer. Hook him up to his fancy-ass Audi and drag him the 347 feet he dragged the cyclist. He won't, of course, be instantly killed by an impact prior, so he'll really be able to consider what a dick he is as he makes his way down the road.

And yes, I feel compelled to use that horrendous news artwork—even though it's totally cheesy, it's the wrong kind of Audi and the cyclist is wearing a helmet...

NOTE: After a tremendous public outcry in Spain, he dropped the suit today (see Smitty's link). Still a dick. Reduce his dragging to 150 feet.


steves said...

His lawyer deserves a (dis)honorable mention.

Smitty said...

Totally, totally disgusting. He withdrew his case only after an entire country thought it was outrageous...and even then bitched about all the public outcry:

His lawyer told the court that Delgado felt that the extensive publicity amounted to a public lynching

I say reinstate the full 300-foot dragging as punishment.