Wednesday, September 24, 2008

His Campaign Has Fallen And It Can't Get Up

And everyone seems happy to kick McCain when he's down...
He's a kid pulling the fire alarm because final is coming up and he hasn't studied. Such a panicked response to declining poll numbers and major national events does not inspire confidence. You don't get to call time out when you're president.

Big Media Matt:
I think walking and chewing gum at the same time is part of the president’s job.

Dr. Josh
What's changed today in the financial crisis other than John McCain's poll numbers tanking? Isn't this the campaign equivalent of faking an injury when you're down late in the 4th quarter?

McCain, who has played no direct role in the negotiations thus far, wants to swoop in and tell everyone what they need to do. This from a man who hasn't shown up for work at all in literally months.

Rep. Barney Frank:
"It's the longest Hail Mary pass in the history of either football or Marys."

Obama, FTW:
Obama, speaking to reporters in Florida, turned down McCain's offer to delay the debate. "Presidents are going to have to deal with more than one thing at a time," he said. "It's not necessary for us to think that we can do only one thing, and suspend everything else."

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