Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MLB Playoffs: Who Do I Root For When the Sox are Eliminated?

My gut feeling is that the Sox will get mowed down by the Angels. Compared to last year's Championship team, we are minus Manny, and crossing our fingers with a hobbled Beckett, Lowell and Drew. That alone should seal our fate. But the Angels are also a much better team than last year with the addition of Teixiera.

We've always seemed to have our way with the Angels, but this year they pummeled the Sox, winning eight of nine and doubling us up on the scoreboard. The Angels have a strong front three, a pesky lineup and a young Mariano closing. The Sox got great years out of Lester, Dice-K, Pedroia and Youkilis and on paper I even like the match-ups, but as a team they just haven't been consistent.

I fear the Angels win in 4.


So then what? In the AL, I am pulling for the Rays all the way. These aren't the punk Gerald Williams/Canseco douchebag Devil Rays, this is a dynamic team of young players that have put it all together. Worst to first is too good a story to pass up, and I HATE the Ozzie Guillen ChiSox. Go Rays!

And in the NL, I gotta go with my man Manny. I love the fact that he pushed this Dodger team over the top, and a chance for his redemption coupled with Torre outlasting the Yanks plus former Sox faves Lowe and Nomar in supporting roles, choosing an NL team is easy for me.

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