Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How Big?

Big enough for Paulson and his new checkbook to attend the G8 Summit...

Budget expenditures, 2008 Country Ranks:
1. United States $2,731,000,000,000
2. Japan $1,575,000,000,000
3. Germany $1,477,000,000,000
4. France $1,372,000,000,000
5. United Kingdom $1,237,000,000,000
6. Italy $1,029,000,000,000
7 Hank Paulson's Bailout $700,000,000,000
7 8. China $634,600,000,000

Sorry, Canada. Maybe you can come back next year...
8. Canada $551,200,000,000

[h/t Balloon Juice]


Rickey said...

Rickey's been tossing this idea around a lot: what if we just sold off Alaska to the Saudis for $50 trillion? We fix this pesky Wall Street thing, the oil keeps flowing, and every American gets $25K and a polar bear rug. What's the downside?

Bob said...

"What's the downside?"

None, but the added plus is if it's done before November, Palin cannot run for VP, as she will no longer be register to vote in the United States.