Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bite me.

So, followers of Mrs F's blog might be aware of the tight financial situation we are in. It occured to me that the quickest way to make a dent in that situation is for me to sell my car and replace it with something significantly cheaper (ie: under $2,000).

Here's my ad on craigslist:

So I've had versions of that ad up on craigslist for a couple weeks, had several bites, but no buyer yet. I've come down a bit in my asking price and am willing to negotiate, but only to a point, and not that much...yet.

Here's an email I got this morning:

I am interested in your car so would you please sent me the Vin number of the car?

And I am expecting to buy your car for $6500 because kbb price is that I saw.

What do you think for $6500?

I am living in Columbia SC and if you say ok, I would like to come and test drive.

Thank You

"You're fucking high" is what I think.


Mike said...

Then again, he might be low-balling you. Might be able to compromise at about $8,000.

Surly Rob said...

I emailed you for your new phone number a month ago and i have to get it off of a craigslist add!

Smitty said...

I would totally trust some stranger with horrid grammar (bad enough to be in the spirit of the infamous Nigerian Banker emails) with the VIN of my car. Sure. Totally.

I think $8,500 is too low for that car.

Mr Furious said...


Yeah, I'd like to think so...I paid $9,500 two years ago—which was a DEAL. I started out at $9,000, but closer to $8,000 is probably about right based on what I'm seeing online.

I think I have two guys who might be willing to go $8,000 or $8,250.

Two years ago I bought that car with cash. Now, I'm about to call Ed McMahon to see what it's worth melted down. Thanks for the awesome economy, fucking Republicans.

Mr Furious said...

Rob, Yeah? It's not ringing...

Surly Rob said...

I thought you were busy at work!?! I guess that's just in case the boss' check the blog...

Heather said...

The pain of Craigslist. We've put kids toys on there for $5 and had people try to barter. Pete has a brand new unused Ipod shuffle -- unopened -- and was trying to sell it for $39 (regularly $49) and no one bit.

We put my 1999 Honda Civic on there for THREE WEEKS at $5k. We ended up being thankful for $3K. Goddammit.