Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SOTU Liveblogging

9:01 -- The ABC News site is where I am watching this tonight. There are two link/headines that declare "GOP Jindal to Give Optimistic Response." Nice framing there, liberal media.

9:04 -- The Jindal love continues as these morons fill dead airtime.

9:05 -- The Supreme Court arrives. Sen. Bunning expects Ginsberg to drop dead before reaching her seat...

9:09 -- Who is the old guy doing color commentary?

9:10 -- "Madame Speaker! The President of the United States!"

9:11 -- Joe Lieberman won't have an aisle seat.

9:12 -- Old Guy: "The applause continues. I think it's authentic." Jesus.

9:17 -- Shout-out to Michelle. He's no Sean Penn.

9:18 -- Man, what a downer this guy is...What's that? We will recover? Take that Jindal!

9:20 -- First fib. "...hardest working people on Earth." Um, probably not.

9:21 -- Laying the smackdown on the last eight years big time...wasted surpluses, gutted regulation...

9:22 -- I hate you Harry Reid.

9:25 -- 95% of families get a tax cut. Starting April 1.

9:26 -- "Nobody messes with Joe." Excellent

9:28 -- Nice breakdown of the credit crunch. This is good.

9:30 -- Banks thrown to the wolves. Accountability starts now.

9:30 -- Joe Lieberman looks like he's sucking a lemon.

9:33 -- "Not about helping banks, it's about helping people." He's ding a good job breaking down problems, and selling his solutions. No doom and gloom.

9:34 -- Drink it in, Burris. This is your last one of these...

9:35 -- I miss Chertoff's Swedish Chef clapping.

9:37 -- Nice history lesson here. "Promise from peril"

9:38 -- Three keys: Energy, Health Care, and Education.

9:40 -- CArbon caps. Awesome.

9:41 -- Clean Coal. Bullshit.

9:42 -- "We don't do what's easy. We do what's necessary."

9:43 -- Wow, Pelosi loves her some SCHIPS.

"This is lethal politics and strikes me as very much attuned to the mood of the public. And how great it is to have a president refer to American history with intelligence and acuity."

9:45 -- Health care reform starts now.

9:46 -- Cold water in the face on our shitty education system.

9:49 -- Don't drop out of high school or Obama's gonna kick your ass!

9:50 -- Has had the Republicans on their feet more than their hands.

9:51 -- If Jindal isn't scrambling to rewrite his address, he's gonna look like an ass.

9:56 -- Tax-free universal savings accounts? Not sure how that works, but okay. Pre-tax contributions maybe?

10:00 -- Two of the "Top Stories" on ABCNews.com:
•TV Host with 1 Arm Sparks Rage, Debate
•Congress Makes It Tough to Buy Chimps
What the fuck?

10:07 -- I seriously hope Jindal, Hannity and the rest TRY to spin this as negative. It will expose them as the liars they are.

10:09 -- That was fucking good.

Waitasec...what about steroids in baseball and cloned armies of manimals? No bases on Mars or even the moon? This guy's gonna doom us all!

Listening to these ABC jackasses talk about "tweeting" and "twittering" makes my ears bleed. Holy crap. The old guy is Sam Donaldson? I'm looking elsewhere...

Here's a suprisingly upbeat FOX News homepage:

Sullivan's summary:
As he gathered momentum, the emotional impact increased. The bottom line: "We are not quitters." It was perfectly pitched: a form a liberal patriotism that eschews the kind of politics the American people are sick of. A tour de force.

But look: the politics and rhetoric are superb, but all that matters is whether he can pull this off. The results are all that matter now. He has this moment; it could make him and the rest of us. It could destroy him or us. It's our job in this crisis to support him and to criticize him constructively. We need to rise to the occasion he is rising to. And maybe most of us will.


Is this the Republican response or Bobby Jindal's A&E Biography?

10:24 -- Um, Bobby, hate to break it to you, but if your mother was 4 months pregnant when she immigrated, then according to your definition of when life begins, you can't be President.

10:29 -- Tax cuts, tax credits, tax cuts...

10:30 -- "$150 million for something called "Volcano Monitoring." Seriously, Governor? Was your state just leveled by a natural disaster or not? Does the GOP propose we just close our eyes and pretend those volcanoes don't exist?

10:32 -- The GOP Education Plan: Physically destroy your schools to improve them.

10:35 -- Now that we're out of power, we've discovered our principles under the couch cushions...trust us!

10:36 -- Straw Man Alert: "Never let anyone tell you America's best days are behind us."


steves said...

9:26 -- "Nobody messes with Joe." Excellent

Yeah, because Joe does a great job messing up himself. Seriously, I thought this was a cheesy comment and the low point in an otherwise excellent (though kind of long) speech.

I am glad he mentioned health care. I am not convinced that banks won't just get another handout that does the exact same thing as the last one.

He has this moment; it could make him and the rest of us. It could destroy him or us. It's our job in this crisis to support him and to criticize him constructively.

I agree 100%. I like constructive criticism, but I won't be surprised to see a bunch of lies and misrepresentations. I also won't be surprised to see genuine helpful criticism shouted down as being "bad" or "harmful." I hope I am wrong.

Jindal looked and sounded terrible. I haven't heard a single positive thing about his response from any of the conservative sites I visit. If he doesn't make some serious improvements, they will lose big time.

Jennifer said...

Ok .. I am now in love with this man. He hit on every issue I have and he hit it well.

I was disgusted with the whole "I refuse to stand up and clap" crap by these "men". The issues that he was speaking about are real and they are scary if you aren't making a ton of money like they are. Suck it up and realize that you played a part in trying to shove the United States down the toilet and laughed while you did it. Shit needs to be fixed and it needs to be fixed now and it really doesn't matter who takes credit for it .. dems or reps ... it just needs to be fixed!

On a side note: Joe Bidden reminds me of the Joker .. only old. lol. Please please please let nothing happen to Obama. I do not want that man in charge of our country.

Smitty said...

Jindal gave his speech in the same tone of voice I use when I am teaching my 3-year-old how to do something.

Seriously. Mrs. Smitty looked at me a minute into it and says "holy crap, that's how we talk to our kids!"

Think about it: he is the best the republicans have. The best. They didn't put Palin up there. This guy is their farm team.