Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dick of the Week: Juan Williams

So, Bill O'Reilly has a blogger from the Weekly Standard along with NPR/FOX News "contributor" Juan Williams on The Factor to have a little discussion on Michelle Obama and her role as First Lady...What'll her "causes" be?...How will she do?...etc.

So, who do you suppose goes off on a tear about Obama as if she's some kind of Rev. Wright crossed with a Black Panther, just waiting to blame whitey?

Yup. Supposed token liberal Williams. That would have been bad enough coming from Dick Morris or some other rightie douche, but from Williams? He totally mis-portrays Obama as a radical, going so far as to call her "Stokely Carmichael-in-a-designer-dress" for fuck's sake.

Who is that, you say? Stokely Carmichael was civil rights-era socialist revolutionary who coined the term "black power." Carmichael was frustrated with the peaceful methods of MLK, was integral in the formation of the Black Panthers, who also were not militant enough in Carmichael's eyes. Carmichael later left America to return to Africa, formed the All African Peoples Revolutionary Party which advcated for a unified socialist Africa and began wearing a military uniform complete with a pistol.

Oh, and Stokely Carmichael was a man.

And Juan Williams fears that's the true personality of the new First Lady.

By the end of the segment, O'Reilly and the Weekly Standard hack are sticking up for Obama and trying to walk Williams back. You know you're off the deep end when Bill O'Reilly is throwing you a lifeline.

As a result of this outburst, NPR has now forbidden Williams to be credited as an NPR contributor while on FOX. They should just take it all the way and can his ass. He's clearly more comfortable in his role on FOX as a self-hating liberal.

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Smitty said...

This is on of those times when I wish I was a massively rich donor to NPR so that when I write them a pissed-off letter explaining why they ned to fire Juan, they actually consider it. Right now, I'm just a member who donates a bit a year who writes crazy-talk diatribes.