Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tool Time

After yesterday's successful project, I once again felt the urge to heartily recommend some of the unsung heroes of the tool world. Perhaps I should turn it into a recurring feature...

[Yeah, I know. Really exciting]

Anyway, yesterday's hero was my drill.

I finally bought a real drill when we moved after years of struggling with a gutless rechargeable drill that couldn't bore through a loaf of bread without needing a battery change. Installing that oven with my old POS Black & Decker would have been a nightmare...that thing would've shit its pants when I broke out the 2" hole saw.

Hitachi D13VF 9 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill
$100-125. I can't recommend this thing highly enough. It's maiden voyage was to punch a 6-inch hole in the side of the house to vent a dryer, and it hasn't looked back since. Awesome.


steves said...

Cordless drills are a huge help in some areas, but you absolutely needed a corded one for some tasks.

Toast said...

I have a cordless Makita and, provided the battery is fully charged, I've yet to come up against a task it wasn't equal to. Makita was the brand all the guys at the shop used back when I was doing in-car cell-phone installations. We routinely had to drill through roofs, trunks and whatnot with metal hole saws, and the CW was that Makita's cordless drills were tops on torque.

Chris Howard said...

We used an 18 volt black and decker cordless building our privacy fence and it worked great, even providing a lot of torque to really sink the screws deep. I think you probably need an 18 or 24 volt for those bigger jobs. That said, corded drills are certainly best for some jobs, especially if you have to use it a lot.

Mr Furious said...

Yeah, my cordless was probably a particularly-crappy one. A cordless as powerful as this Hitachi would cost 2-3 times more money.