Friday, September 04, 2009

Al Franken Fan Club — Sign Me Up

Al Franken Is The Change We've Been Waiting For

Seriously. This guy is good.

I don't think there's another Senator in either party that can stand there and have that kind of discussion with a crowd—particularly a crowd of his political adversaries.

He's informed, he's engaged and engaging, he speaks clearly and directly and treats the people he's talking to like adults. He answered every question and treated each questioner with respect—and received it in kind.

Every one of those teabaggers will walk away from that conversation, at the very least, questioning what they thought they knew going in. Some might even walk away persuaded.

The GOP should be scared shitless of that guy—maybe they already are and that's why they stalled the election certification so long.

As for the rest of the Democrats—all the way up to Obama: Watch, and take fucking notes, you jackasses.

[h/t Balloon Juice]


steves said...

I saw this the other day on one of the other blogs I frequent and almost posted it. I'm glad you did. I hadn't been a fan of Frankel since his SNL days. In the political realm, he came across as some smarmy, asshole most of the time. Then I read an interview he gave on the perception of Christians in the public. He was thoughtful, intelligent, and in-depth. Since then, I have come to the conclusion that a lot of assholeness is an act.

His comment to the critics were smart and he didn't come across as some kind of arrogant know-it-all, like the vast majority of politicians who take the "I know what is best for you approach...just trust me." Sign me up, too. I would take him over Stabmenow and Levin.

Mr Furious said...

Yes. I think he's got a tremendous future. I suspect he will have a devoted and loyal constituency, and even grudging respect and appreciation from MN Republicans.

I will be shocked if he ever faces a close race again.

Melinda said...

been studying Marshall Rosenberg's nonviolent communtication recently and this is the best example of it I've seen. It DOES work in the real world!!!

Bob said...

Steve- if you could point me in t he direction of the Franken interview, on Christaians I would be interested in reading it.

He's a pretty smart guy - Harvard educated, etc. He didn't take the route to public office I would recommend, but I have figured he would do well once there.