Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Always a Good Idea to Add Armed Allies

Steves at ATK turned me on to Gun Toting Liberal. His link to "How to Address an Issue Without Addressing the Issue" is a look at the behind-the-scenes amendment processon big legislation like the health care bill. It explains how the opposition party offers amendments to legislation they oppose—not to improve it, but to set up talking points and a win-win situation for them. This was part of what led to Rep. Wilson (R-rich, white suburbs of Charleston, SC) to his outburst during Obama's address.

Today, GTL has a post up on "The Republican Double Standard". It's mostly stuff you've heard about, but it's a nice recap to go with your coffee.

Adding to the blogroll... now.

UPDATE: That blogroll addition is provisionary. After spending a bit of time over there, not so sure about it...some good posts, but absurd guest posters, and the comment threads are worthless.


steves said...

Like any blog, there are good and bad posts. One thing that GTL tries to do, and mostly succeeds, is to present guest bloggers that represent a variety of viewpoints. The GTL, himself, can be pretty snarky, but if you read him long enough, he is consistent. In other words, he won't give someone a pass based on party affiliation.

Some of the comment thread are better than others. One thing I have seen on blogs that have a large number of posters is that the more they have, the more likely the comments are going to being stupid. Maybe because I am contrary so much of the time, but I like disagreeable commenters. Sychophants, yes men, and post after post agreeing with the blog entry tends to bore me and doesn't really encourage much discussion.

I certainly won't tell you what to like, but give it a chance before you delete it.

Mr Furious said...

Well, just because I might not keep it in the blogroll doesn't mean I'm condemning it.

The Doster post was a joke, and several comment threads appeared to be nothing but trolls arguning with "Bad Dog."

I'll give it a chance, but right now, I'd say it's not my cup of tea...even down to headlines and snarky photos, etc.

steves said...

Bad Dog's problem is that, while he makes some valid points, he always points out how in his previous column that he was right and that no one was able to refute his wisdom and that anyone that diagreed with him was stupid and wrong. Some that disagreed with him were stupid and wrong, but some made some valid points. I stopped posting anything in response because I got the feeling that he wasn't really interested in having a discussion.

I can put up with a fair amount over there because I find myself agreeing with the GTL more often than not.

Bob said...

The comments over at GTL are too darn hard to read. I hate the format. Oh well. The post was entertaining.