Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Right Medicine?

Noted communists and terrorist-enabling fasci-libs has a new video on health care reform. It might just be entertaining enough to get some good info across to people.


Smitty said...

I love that video.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan...a nonprofit...just posted a cash reserve of $2.4 billion-with-a-B.

The *claimed* a loss of $133 million in profits, and claimed that they needed to raise their rates by FORTY FOUR PERCENT, MOTHERFUCKERS, to cover that loss because "they are the insurer of last resort and since they can't deny anyone coverage and the economy's so bad, well, you know..."

Michigan Attorney General and General Douchebag Mike Cox did a very UN-douchebaggy thing and tried to say "you don't need to raise your premiums by FORTY FOUR FUCKING PERCENT because you have...ummm...lessee here...ah yes...TWO POINT FOUR BILLION in reserves. Take it out of that."

BCBS and the Courts said "no. Go fuck yourself. But as a compromise, just to be nice, we'll raise them by 22%."

BCBSM's CEO makes a paltry $1.6 million.

Did I mention they are a nonprofit health care corporation?

Bob said...

A agree with the BCBS rant, but thought the video was a little lame. I agree with the sentiment, but it just wasn't too funny. Oh well.