Thursday, January 07, 2010

Dick of the Week: Brit Hume

Wow. Where to start? The fact that Hume is so brazenly proselytizing on what is supposedly a news panel? Or the utter condescension towards the faith of hundreds of millions as some sort of novelty religion?

When Bill Freaking Kristol* tries to walk your comments back for you, you know you're a dick—the Dick of the Week.

I'll let the professionals handle the rest of this...

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*UPDATE: I started this post the other day, and I can't find the video where Kristol tries to dig Hume out.


Smitty said...

I'm sorry...a Mr. Smitty will no longer be able to post here, or anywhere for that matter. His head exploded.

Bob said...

I have to thank my savior Jesus Christ and his Father the almightily God that Christians never cheat on their wives.

Mr Furious said...

The best part? If you boil down what Hume and the other Thumpers are saying, Christianity is a big "Get Out of Jail Free" card if you want it to be.

steves said...

I don't think he is saying that Christians never cheat on their spouses, but rather that it offers more in the redemption department, nor is it a "get out of jail free card" by any stretch, but that

That being said, I saw this panel discussion and cringed when he said that. I tend to think that Christianity offers a lot, but a TV panel doesn't seem the best place to discuss this. If he were a friend of Woods and wanted to discuss this privately with him, assuming that Woods wanted his input, then that would be appropriate. Saying this on some panel is just stupid and makes him look like kind of an ass.

Smitty said...

but rather that it offers more in the redemption department

Groping my way back to comparative religion classes and recent conversations I've had with a Buddhist family friend, is a redemptive quality a part of pretty much every religion? I mean, even Hindus have a redemptive part to their religion ("from slug to priest in 100 years").

All Hume was doing was preaching and asserting his own narrow view of Christian dominance. That's bullshit. IF Woods is not a Christian, which is probably up in the air (as well as his own fucking business) as Fox isn't exactly judicious in the researching-their-assertions category, why wouldn't he just turn to his OWN religion for redemption?

And why the Hell would anyone presume their own religion offers more of one thing or another than someone else's in the first place?? This is my problem with organized religion. You have your savior. I have mine. Leave well enough the fuck alone. I get your big-box church pulpit screamer tells you to say that stuff, Brit, but fuck you. If Woods asked you for help, that's one thing. But he didn't.

I love his answer. "I didn't prosthelytize , because I prosthelytized. And that's clearly not prosthelytizing."

Toast said...

The Flying Spaghetti Monster offers me redemption every Wednesday night. It's delicious.

Smitty said...

The Flying Spaghetti Monster offers me redemption

I am considering Cthulhu, myself.

Bob said...

This reminds me of the lame bumper sticker:

"Christians aren't prefect, just forgiven."

Yuck! What bunch of self-agrnadizing crap. Some people do seem to treat Christianity like a get out of jail free card. Go to church, be a jerk, but be forgiven. Lame.

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