Monday, January 18, 2010


Charlie Pierce has a regular blog in the sports section of the Boston Globe. No more sifting through Eric Alterman's posts for Slacker Friday.

In support of the Jets. I can get behind this.

Tim Tebow's a douche. I can get behind this, too.

UPDATE: Okay. Slacker Friday's still worth looking up, because he won't be writing anything like this in the Globe:
I have enormous respect for The Landlord [Alterman], so I will moderate my commentary on the Drudge 'n Grudge book written by his pal and the execrable Mark Halperin, who is to political journalism what E. coli is to steakhouses. The sourcing is laughable. The anecdotes petty, where they are not trivial, and indecent, where they are not petty and trivial. It exists, apparently, to dish dirt about the Clinton and Edwards marriages, thereby providing Andrea Mitchell with her quadrennial orgasm. It reeks of access-whoring of the $5-blowjob-under-the-overpass sort, where it does not reek of cheap, frat-boy sexism, and I include the Palin passages in this. (Hey, Steve Schmidt. You're done, pal. She's still famous and you're still a hack. Get over it.) There is not a single, solitary ounce of substance anywhere in these 200-odd pages. Go ahead. Look up "health-care" in the Index.


Smitty said...

Shorter Tim Tebow (and fucking Kurt Warner):

I just want to thank the Lord God Jesus Christ for blessing me and giving me this opportunity to be here now representing my university and his holy word on the field of play... I know everybody can't have the opportunity to be genetically superior and make millions playing a fucking game, so I guess God must just love me more than he loves you. Amen, and praise God.

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