Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Get a Brain Moran!"

"[link] The half of my family who voted for Obama are for Brown," said Dennis Sheehan, an electrical technician from Lowell, who cheered the Senate candidate outside a Boston Bruins game. "They felt sold out. He said he'd bring the whole country together. I've never seen the country so divided in my life, and I grew up in the '60s, with Vietnam."

Yeah. And that's Obama's fault. And this will help.

This election is turning into The Darwin Awards.


Deb said...

I'm currently reading Taylor Branch's book on Clinton. It's been quite a few years since Newt was running the show, and I'd forgotten just how awful the Republicans were to Clinton in his first term. I've seen a country this divided before, and not surprisingly, it was when bitter conservatives weren't in the White House. Sometimes it's not the leadership that's divisive. Sometimes it's the wanna-be leadership.

DED said...

I'll second what Deb wrote. I'd just moved to the Atlanta area after the election and I couldn't believe the non-stop animosity towards Clinton. Even though I voted for Perot, I felt sympathy for the guy. No one was giving him a chance.

I don't recall Obama campaigning as a "uniter, not a divider" like his predecessor. Obviously, the right wing pundits are winning the propaganda war.