Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Proof We Elected the Right Guy

Thanks to 60 Minutes and Mark Halperin's new 352-page gossip column, by now you've all heard that:

Harry Reid used the word "Negro" and he should resign. (1)

Bill Clinton told Ted Kennedy that Obama is a coffee-slave. (2)

Sarah Palin is a pathological liar and dumber than a box of Todd's snowmobile parts (3)

• Poor John Edwards is the totally innocent filling in the Oreo cookie of his nasty, harpy wife and seductive mistress. (4)

Cindy McCain was busted making out with someone other than her husband. (5)

So how does that prove Obama was the right candidate to become President? As Balloon Juice commenter JenJen astutely points out:
You know, one important point completely missed by our Awesome Liberal Media as they thumb through the index of Mark Halperin’s shitty book is this: There are literally ZERO revelations about the President, or his campaign staff, in this book. Nada. Goose Eggs. Nothing. And that says a lot about our President, and his campaign staff, who apparently were far too aware to give Halperin even one toss-off quote.

(1) Reid made a clumsily-worded but entirely valid and accurate statement on racism in America. Much as I hate Reid, this isn't the reason he should lose his job.

(2) According to the hearsay from an unnamed source regarding a second-hand conversation with a now-deceased person.

(3) 100% true.

(4) Because between chemo treatments, terminal cancer patients should be watching their husband's backs and keeping their dicks zipped for them.

(5) "This is excellent news for John McCain."


Missives From Suburbia said...

Love your commentary.

steves said...

Those comments are cringe inducing and based on some of the actions and comments of Clinton in the past, his statement is totally believable. That being said, Reid is an assbag, but he shouldn't resign because of that.

I think this is just another example of most people looking at style over substance. They take some comment and blow it out of proportion and ignore every other thing that person may have done or said. Reid may have made a racist statement, but has he done any other thing that would identify him as a racist? Does he support racist policies? Does he make other racist comments on a regular or semi-regular basis? If no, then let it go. Ron Paul got the same treatment for some staffers comments back in the early 90's. There are plenty of things you can call Ron Paul, but I have not seen anything that suggests he is a racist or supports racist policies.

I will admit that I will probably read this book.

Bob said...

"Reid made a clumsily-worded but entirely valid and accurate statement on racism in America."

I think the Dems may have been too quick to forgive. I think if he was a R, Dems would have hammered him. That said, I agree with Steve that we should look at the totality of a person, not just one dumbass statement.

Mr Furious said...

The key difference between Reid's remarks and the most commonly-pointed-too "equivalent", Trent Lott is simple.

Lott was using barely-veiled code words in a speech before a bunch of good ole boys at a celebration of a known segregationist and racist. Lott had a history of such language and actions and a terrible record on civil rights issues. And it should be noted that NO ONE of note backed him up—even in his own party.

Reid, on the other hand was making a frank—though awkward—comment on the potential fortunes of the first legitimate black candidate for President and how he would be received by the electorate. Elsewhere in the book, it is Reid that helps to convince Obama to run—sound like a guy with a race problem? Reid has a 90+ rating with the NAACP and a track record og good votes and high approvals among minorities.

I don't think Democrats are out of line to move past this.

Adding to that, Russ Feingold is being a complete dick on this and I'm not clear why—angling to depose Reid? Feingold is a guy who is nearly always right and out in front on the policy, but makes some strange political stances at times.

Rickey Henderson said...

Seriously now, who gives a fuck about the 2008 Election? Can we please move on now?

Bob said...

"Seriously now, who gives a fuck about the 2008 Election?"

Political hacks/dorks who have blogs dedicated to beer and politics.

Rickey Henderson said...

Well pardon Rickey then...