Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dick of the Week: The nominees (thusfar)

President Bush—picks on blind guy. [link]
[UPDATE: video added]

[UPDATE 2: Bush apologizes

Ozzie Guillen—Goes ballistic on rookie pitcher for not hitting a guy. [links: Deadspin, South Side Sox]

"Brer" Tony Snow—On Imus: "Bush "snuck off" to visit Iraq, Carter “used to sneak off and fish on the weekends."[link]

Arlen Spector—Completely sells out. Proposes a bill that changes the Law, basically grants Bush a blank check, issue immunity for past crimes and guts FISA. [link]

J.J. Redick—Busted driving drunk. And for being J.J. Redick. [link]


Mike said...

Gonna have to go with Spector on this one.

Mr Furious said...

An interesting wrinkle on Spector—I mentioned this at Balloon Juice and it was pointed out that Specter is more accurately the Pussy of the Week (Year), so does that disqualify him from DOW?


DED said...

Since it's "Dick of the Week" and not "Pussy of the Week", I vote for Tony Snow.