Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Are We Sure the GOP Race Is Settled?

Because Obama seems to be facing two Republican campaigns...

I want to follow up on something Rickey mentioned in a previous comment, "...the Clinton smear tactics are a warm up for the vicious attack ads the beleagured GOP party will unleash on Obama."

Well...I'm not so sure the GOP can be any more insidious than this.

Can the GOP be more obvious and clumsy? Yes. But how much more disgusting can it get?

This example has flown around the blogosphere as "the Clinton ad that makes Obama more black" (ala the TIME magazine OJ cover). But I think kos nails it when he says "more Muslim." They didn't just make Obama's skin darker they changed tone, hue and contrast to make him look more like an Arab. I'm surprised the copy doesn't just refer to him as "B. Hussein Obama."

I've been biting my tongue on this example for a day or two, because this blog has been a goddamn "Groundhog Day" of Anti-Hillary, and I was hoping for a rejection of Clinton by the voters, but instead her Rovian tactics have brought her back from the grave—and continuing, even increasing them seems her only possible strategy.

This shit cannot stand.

Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign fucking disgusts me. It is now at the point that I won't be in the same party as her. She is running a Republican slash and burn campaign through her own party's future—and I mean beyond Obama.

If the craven Democratic Party establishment or the stupid fucking sheep of an electorate validates this, I won't be a part of it.


Smitty said...

A couple things:

I am working on a list of Michigan's superdelagates. They've not all been appointed yet. But if any are elected officials (and there are at least 3 Senators and 12 Reps trying to vie for that selection), then we need to publish their contact information so their constituents can call them and bug the daylights out of them to commit to Obama. As soon as I have a confirmed list, I'll send it along to you. None of those who are vying for those spots are from Ann Arbor. One's from East Lansing, another from Northville.

Here's what I don't like about last night. Hillary now stays in the race, and this fight lasts all the way to Denver now. Obama really needed to wrap it up.

McCain now gets to switch to General Election mode and spend all his time courting both the right and all of the indies who are now not certain of the Dem outcome. Obama's response was pretty weak last night, and it looked and sounded weak. He came across the loser, not the set-backed. While he doens't need to go negative, he needs to get tough, or tougher than lastg night's conciliation.

So McCain gets to court the indies while Obama and Clinton get to continue to beat the shit out of one another until June, then have a nice little war in August in Denver. Great. Welcome President McCain.

Toasty Joe said...

I, too, am nauseated by last night's events. But this article made me feel a little better:,8599,1719614,00.html

S.W. Anderson said...

Take a few seconds to at least consider another possibility.

The remote for our kitchen TV has a reset button for picture attributes that is badly placed. When someone hits that button accidently, which happens all the time, the TV renders dark, oversaturated, too-warm colors. I then have to work the menus to get the picture back to a viewable "normal."

The bigger TV in our den tends toward too-cool and too low contrast on some channels. Tune it for those channels and the others are too warm and contrasty.

What's in the Obama photo that has raised all the ruckus could be deliberate. If so, it's so ridiculously obvious and shabby that whoever is responsible is beyond stupid and did Clinton no favor. The idiot might as well have come at Obama with a cream pie during a speech.

That said, it's possible the image was grabbed off a badly tuned TV in haste. Some TV's are like that, and some people have poor color perception or don't care about color tuning.

As a pretty good dermatologist once pointed out to me, when you see a red spot on your hide, it might be blood vessel that burst, a burn or even cancer. But most of the time it will turn out to just be a red spot.

Mr Furious said...

Hillary used up all "benefit of the doubt" timeouts in the first half.

Jesse Jackson cracks...coke dealer...last week's african garb...

No, I don't believe in "incidental contact" from her any more.

Deb said...

Hmm... so maybe that subliminal messaging in the pajamas theory isn't so far off after all...

Deb said...

I like Smitty's thinking. Is this not the complete list? If not, please let me know, and I'll start hunting down the complete list for Minnesota.

Smitty said...


Apparently not...apparently a few state reps are under consideration. Especially since Kwame Kilpatrick's future is....uncertain.