Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"I Drink Your Morning Joe! I Drink It Up!"

I'm not really sure if this was some commercial break, off-camera banter or part of the actual "Morning Joe" broadcast, but this is pretty good—Chris Matthews engages Scarborough on the GOP v. Dem patriotism/security double-standards...

Oh, Chris, why do you have to be such a moron the other 90 percent of the time?

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slag said...

Excellent clip, and good questions. I love how Scarborough acts as if he has no culpability in this observably false narrative about repub v. dem patriotism. Jon Stewart had it right when he went on Xfire. These shows are part of the Republican and Democratic strategies, and the people left holding the bag when things go wrong are the rest of us.

I'm so stealing this clip for my blog. Thanks!