Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Modern Marvels

Condé Nast Traveler has looked at the year's best modern architecture and selected their "New Seven Wonders of the World."

It definitely seems like swooping amorphous shapes are all the rage. I think I like the Fortress of Solitude-like addition to the Royal Ontario Museum (above) the best. It's no surprise that one of the selections is in Dubai...that place is crazy.


Smitty said...

The Kogod courtyard in DC is easily the most tasteful of all of the works presented in this Conde Nast piece...and one of my personal favrotes. It is, when you're there, absolutely unobtrusive, warm and inviting.

All Adither said...

Have you been to Dubai? It seems so surreal. All that money in the middle of the desert.

Angie (from

Mr Furious said...

Have you been to Dubai?

Oh, no. But over the last couple years the crazy stuff they're building down there seems to pop up all over the place...

When they finish that building it will be 160 stories tall!