Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Act Like You've Been There Before

Andrew Sullivan and Toast might keep all of New England up with their celebrations tonight should Clinton officially end her campaign. I am really exhausted by the whole thing and glad it'll be over soon. Clinton took it way past the point where I could pause and appreciate her accomplishments and congratulate her on a hard-fought race—she destroyed my opinion of her, and not "because she's a woman" or "the media screwed her." She, along with Bill and the rest of her merry band of 90s retreads, did it all by themselves. Seeing any of their faces on the TV the last couple months has induced Bush/Cheney reactions from me.

So while I'm not going to raise my glass and toast her, I'm not going to gloat too much. Not right away anyhow. Almost half of the Democratic electorate will be disappointed tomorrow morning to one degree or another, and the biggest task ahead isn't piling dirt on Hillary Clinton, it's putting the party back together.

That said, this is something to keep in mind:
I met a guy who produced "Candid Camera"-like reality shows. I asked him "How do you get people to sign a waiver after you have made a fool of them?" Without getting some poor schmuck who has just been made a fool of to sign a waiver, you can't include him in the show.

"It's strange but after being in a stressful situation, which is what we put them in, one is so relieved that it is over that they strangely THANK us when we reveal that it is just a joke for a TV show and it is over. Even though we put them through the situation they are so grateful and genuinely happy that it is over that they will sign anything in the first five minutes." That was the catch, if you waited longer then five minutes they would think about it a bit more and then not sign shit.

I think that is what Hillary is trying to do on a national basis.

When she gets out she will have relieved us all of a stressful situation. Even people who have been hard on her will be kind and even thank her for ending this national nightmare for us. Even though SHE created the fucking thing.

People can have some time to breathe. As long as no one signs anything. Obama needs to resist any overtures from Clinton or pressure from others about making her VP. I want NO part of any "dream/unity" ticket. I don't want to run with her, and I don't want her as VP if we win.


Toast said...

Sully lives in New England? I did not know that.

So, funny story: I've had a YouTube video of the Ramones doing "Glad To See You Go" that I've been dying to post the moment Hillary concedes. Typical Ramones-style chorus -- Glad to see you GO! GO! GO! GO! Goodbye! -- and perfect for the occasion. Or so I thought. Until I read the rest of the lyrics. Really glad I checked that out first.

Toast said...

And yeah, if she acknowledges that Obama is the nominee, I'm popping the cork on that champagne bottle in the fridge. Can't wait. And unlike you, I'm not ready to let the healing begin. We've got five months for that. I'm going to sit back and enjoy watching Hillary's insane minions simmer for a week or so. After the reality-denying bullshit they've put us through, I think we deserve a good gloat.

Rickey Henderson said...

So now she wants a slot on the ticket? Whatever happened to that shrill sense of false entitlement eh? Fuck her, and fuck her failed cynical bullshit campaign.

Smitty said...

I'm watching he Daily Show right now, and Stewart is trying hard not to laugh McCauliffe (sp?) out of the studio, who, by all rights, is equally shrill and brainless. Everything he just said is all we're gonna hear from her camp for the next 3 months. Go to Comedy Central .com and watch it.

Mr Furious said...

Sully lives in New England?

In the summer he's on the Cape in P'town.


All of my "make nice(ish)" is if Clinton does a nice job backing out of the way. If she keeps on with the bullshit, all bets are off.


"Insane minions" can stew in their own juices starting yesterday. I'm talking about your run-of-the-mill supporter. MAybe it's from growing up a Sox fan, but when you lose heartbreakingly, the worst thing in the world is going to work the next day and face the YAnkees fans. It's kinda like that. I don't wanna be a dick Obama fan.


Been busy packing tonight so I've not read or seen anything about how things went. Well, I did see a minute or two of Nightline, and Terry Moran was nudging the corpse of Clinton's campaign with his foot—get away, Terry, she might not be dead yet!