Friday, June 06, 2008

Volvo Builds Sentient Car

That's the only way I can explain the fact that my car gave me six unrelated warning displays* on the way to work today before dying in the middle of the road.

Bastard car knew I was about to trade it in.

I decided last week that the Swedish incarnation of the Furiousmobile would not be coming South with me. I even had my eye on couple of sweet Mini Coopers...if things weren't so damn busy I would already have driven into Detroit and traded in in.

Now I have to pay $$$ to get it roadworthy again before I can sell/trade it, and I prefer NOT to bike to work when it's 75 and humid at 8 a.m.

*Six unrelated warning displays = giant middle finger.


Rickey Henderson said...

As a proud former Volvo owner who continued to drive his car with the "check engine" light for roughly 100,000 miles, Rickey feels your pain. Being the paragon of Germanic safety, the automobile was only looking out for your well being.

Toast said...

I strongly urge you to test drive a Prius.

Mike said...


What's this? You relocating?

Mike said...

Oh. This is what happens when you're off the grib for weeks at a time.

I see you're moving to Asheville. Sweet. Cool town, beautiful region - the Blue Ridge Mountains are amazing.

You may recall reading this about a year and a half ago.

Mr Furious said...

Funny, you should say that, my Volvo shop uses a Prius for a shuttle, so I was riding in one just yesterday...I've never seen one even close to my price range however. $13K is about the limit right now.

Deb said...

We are waiting for Hubby's Audi to take a major dump in the middle of the freeway. We estimate that will occur sometime next year, right after the 100,000 mile extended warranty runs out. We have agreed he will simply walk away from it and call a charity to pick it up.

The Mini is on his list, too, unfortunately, in the badlands of SUV's and snowstorms, he is unlikely to get his wife to agree to one without significantly increasing his life insurance policy.

I hope it's a cheap fix.

Deb said...

My apologies for my appalling misuse of punctuation in that last post. Or any future posts, for that matter.

Mr Furious said...

No apology needed, Deb. I didn't notice it. And then I went back and read it again, and I STILL don't know what you're talking about...

A run-on sentence with a bunch of periods? My stock in trade.

fridge said...

Wow, that sucks totally.

I strongly urge you to test drive a Prius.

I drove Toast's Prius. Surprisingly peppy and roomy. If you can get past the lack of excitement they give bring to the table, not bad.

Mini Coopers are pretty damn nice. They even came out with a slightly longer version that has a bit more room, too.

Jackie said...

Oh, I totally agree with the Mini Cooper. Who could resist its oh-so fine features. I'm considering a used car (Indianapolis), though. I already have my limit. Since used car dealerships in Indianapolis is almost everywhere today, I am so glad that my husband found a Cooper for me in no time! The 2005 MINI Cooper has more room, too.