Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Furious Index

129 — Barack Obama's pledged delegate lead over Hillary Clinton.

103 — Barack Obama's super-delegate lead over Hillary Clinton.

50 — Number of supedelegates Barack Obama picked up yesterday.

1 — Number of superdelegates Hillary Clinton picked up yesterday.

154 — Days until Election

Hillary Clinton's hypothetical, last-ditch path to the nomination now is to convince super-delegates to support her instead of Obama. Despite her ungracious attempt to upstage him last night and any attempt to take this thing to quadruple overtime, Obama's face was on the front of every newspaper in the world this morning as the nominee for President of the United States.

What unpledged superdelgate is going to come out for Hillary now that Obama is official? Maybe some Deep South freaks who need to cater to their constituencies, but it won't be for Hillary's benefit.

But more importantly, Hillary needs to peel away superdelegates already pledged to Obama. She's on the fucking pipe if she thinks that's going to happen short of Obama getting caught in bed with a dead hooker AND a live boy.

And it needs to be noted, this arm-twisting, doubt-sowing super-delegate strategy has been her strategy for the last few months, and it hasn't worked yet! Obama gained more superdelegates yesterday than Clinton has gained since Feb 5.

Who in their right mind thinks she'll have any better luck with that strategy now?

This is probably all about leverage and her last ditch attempt to get what she can from Obama and assert her agenda, rather than actually continuing this insane political deathwish, but as with last night, Hillary Clinton hasn't failed to disappoint me yet.


Smitty said...

At this point, she looks to everyone as desperate. That's part of the reason so many superdelegates, including our own Debbie "Let's move our Primary up and damn the party" Dingell, have moved to his camp.

But you're right. You know what it reminds me of? The scene at the end of Animal House where the crowd is all bolting in one direction, and Kevin Bacon is standing alone, hands out, saying "DON'T PANIC! ALL'S WELL! AAAALLLL IIIISSSS WWWEEELLLL!!!"

I recall he got run over and flattened.

Mike said...

I have to give some props to Furious. I think some media research will show that he was the biggest Obama supporter in America.

What'd you get in appreciation? Money? The promise of a cabinet post? A chance to throw an overbaked cherry pie at Hillary's face?