Monday, June 02, 2008


Getting ready to move sucks and rules all at the same time...It's a shit-load of work (just ask Mrs F, who is kicking ass packing and purging), but it also allows for some nostalgic re-discovery as you go through old boxes, etc, and a cathartic relief as you purge stuff you no longer need.

Tonite I am clearing through my workshop/room of shame/cave of shit and I found—finally—a CD I've been missing since we moved here in 2001. I've donated two cars since we lived here and I had convinced myslef it must have been in one of them. I tore those two cars apart like Popeye Doyle looking for Frog One's heroin, but never found it.

Until tonite—years later. Inside a box of miscellaneous crap I stumbled across a copy of Chris Whitley's "Terra Incognita" (excellent album, btw). But that's not the CD I've been looking for—I had two copies of that. The CD that's eluded me lo these many years was in the case behind the Whitley CD...

Rage Against the Machines—"Renegades"

It's 1 a.m., so I can't have reunion with this CD that I want, but tomorrow morning people on Stadium Blvd better look the fuck out, because the Volvo will be ripping it up.


Toast said...

Never could get into Rage Against Terrible Singers, mainly because of, well, their terrible singer. Loved the rest of the band, however, when they hooked up with über-vocalist Chris Cornell. (Well, at least for their first two albums; they quickly lost the fire.)

As for Whitley, he's one of Tracy's all-time favorite artists, and I really like him as well. Don't have that album though. (hint...)

Mr Furious said...

I hear you on the Zach de la Rocha. You're either into his finger-in-your-chest rap/shout or it's a deal-breaker.

For me and RATM, the tempo is what dictates play or skip—if Tom Morello is doing one of his droning, slow numbers, the fact that ZdlR can't sing becomes apparent—and more annoying. But for the faster, pumping stuff, and the mood of the lrics I think he's perfect.

This album is all covers—Maggie's Farm (Dylan), Street Fightin' Man (Stones), Ghost of Tom Joad (Springsteen) among others (Devo, Cypress Hill, minor Threat...)

My favorite track is the (semi)-title track: "Renegades of Funk" by Afrika Bambatta. BOOM-SHAKA-BOOM! Awesome.


I have all kinds of Whitley...let me know what Tracy has...