Monday, June 30, 2008

The Surrogate: Clark Puts On a Clinic—UPDATED

I am an unabashed member of the Wes Clark Fan Club, and this is the reason why: Watch Clark as he buries Bush, Lieberman, McCain and dismantles the incoming crap from Schiffer all while making the best possible case for Obama with ease and clarity.

He needs to be front and center as a leading surrogate for Obama. Nobody does it better. I would give him strong consideration for VP (brief bio here) and failing that, he certainly deserves a prominent role in Obama's cabinet or on his policy team. The guy fucking rocks.

Oh, and no, Bob, you stupid jackass, getting shot down does NOT qualify you for the office of President. A pathetic performance by a guy who usually does better.

[h/t Sullivan for the source but not the substance. Sully misses the target here and conflates an attack on McCain by a blogger with Clark's legitimate responses to Schiffer's questions. Though Sullivan is on the Obama bandwagon, he conitues to pay far more respect to McCain than he deserves.]

UPDATE: I viewed this video without any knowledge of the hyped-up "controversy" about these remarks and accusations of a larger swift-boat campaign against McCain.

I didn't see anything wrong, innaccurate or unfair in Clark's comments, and the comment that is being used to crucify Clark, “I don’t think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president...” was in direct response to Bob Schieffer asserting Obama "hasn't ridden in a fighter plane and gotten shot down." Those were Shieffer's fucking words NOT Clark's!

Are you fucking kidding me? Is the level of bubble-wrap the media is going to place around McCain for the rest of the race?

One of the things Digby mentioned in her post was that Republican blacks (Powell, Rice) are inoculated from criticism, while Obama has everything to prove. Obviously this applies to war veterans as well: In 2004, John Kerry's wartime record was fair game for lies and media-driven slander, yet John McCain's record can't even be accurately addressed in response to a direct question?

This double-standard is bullshit.

UPDATE 2: Obama, or his campaign anyway, hangs Clark out to dry. Fucking pathetic. dday at Hullabaloo:
And this is why people get upset with politics. Wes Clark makes a perfectly legitimate statement and can't find a single national Democrat to back him up because they're all a bunch of scared little kittens. They got used by the combination of the conservative outrage machine and the media. It's a filthy little game and they fall for it time after time, and seemingly never learn.

Clark shows the Democrats how to effectively fight back, and they re-pay him by running and hiding. This is exactly what I just talked about this morning. Democrats only know how to show strength by sacrificing one of their own, and falling into line behind the opposition.

I am absolutely disgusted with the Obama campaign right now.


Toast said...

Ridiculous move by Obama. I really expected better from him on this one. He never allowed himself to get played like this in the primary.

Mr Furious said...

Actually he did, but it was a much smaller personality/story... One of his foreign policy advisors, Samantha Power was accused of referring to Hillary Clinton as a "monster."

If I recall, that was not the proper context, but it made no diference. She as off the campaign the next day.

Power is regarded by many as a brilliant advisor and a real up-and-comer. I was disappointed then, and I am again today.

I can understand, even respect, Obama's demands that people stay on-message, and he has a strict "no drama" rule, but Wes Clark deserves better. He did NOT do anything wrong.

Bob "Serious McLiteral" said...

Clark knew the Obama campaign would throw him under the bus and everyone planned it that way.

Red State Blues said...

Yup. I said about exactly the same tyhing a couple of days ago at the Home of the Blondes.