Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fair Game

I was offline most of the weekend, so I didn't get to see anything as it unfolded, but I've tried to catch up on all the news regarding the race, and I have this to say this regarding Gov. Palin's daughter Bristol's pregnancy...

Generally I'd be hard and fast on the fact that family, especially children, are off-limits. But, like a tv judge, "I will allow" some careful questions on the topic for this reason: the campaign—and McCain and Palin specifically—seem more than comfortable using pregnancy in the Palin family for political points when it suits THEM.

Gov. Palin is supposed to get a gold star for carrying her Downs Syndrome baby to term, even though her own beliefs on the subject make that a no-brainer decision, and the platform position of her party would mandate her having it.

And now, 17-year-old, unwed, 5-months pregnant Bristol Palin is also going to have HER baby, and what's more, according to the McCain camp, "Bristol Palin made the decision on her own to keep the baby." Well, isn't THAT special? When it comes to every other woman in the country, even victims of rape and incest, it'd be fine with both McCain AND Sarah Palin to make THAT decision FOR them.

Sorry. That doesn't earn a complete and total pass from me.


As for the "Palin faked her own pregnancy to cover up for her daughter" crap I saw, I'm treating that as the flip side of the "Obama is a secret Muslim" coin.


Renee said...

I think that we are all focused on the fact that she chose to have this baby without discussing the ways in which her decision is created as acceptable because of the body that she inhabits. Were Britols name Latifah and she lived in Harlem this conversation would be taking a completely different tone. Instead of issuing praise republicans would be asking who is going to pay for this baby.

Mr Furious said...

Excellent link, Renee. And your conclusion is spot-on. For that reason, Republicans deserve no quarter in this fight.

People like McCain and Palin are literally making a career out of ripping that "choice" away from all women, regardless of circumstance, and they would be absolutely demonizing the same events in a Democratic candidate's family.

Rickey Henderson said...

Nothing about the Palin mess gets a pass from Rickey. Sure family should ideally should be off limits, but not when:

1) John McCain has no problems making sexist quips about Janet Reno being Chelsea Clinton's father, and

2) When a mess like this bring the validity and effectiveness of Palin's right wing ideology into question.

No pass from Rickey, sorry.

steves said...

Sorry Rickey, I fail to see the connection. Her righty programs certainly deserve questioning, but even the most die-hard abstinence only fan isn't going to say it is 100% effective (BTW, I am not in favor of abstinence only). I think we can have substantive discussions without talking about her daughter.