Tuesday, October 14, 2008


WTF? Can anybody convince me that Wall Street isn't some combination of bed-wetting pussies, space aliens, and embezzlers? No substantive action has been taken regarding the bailout, yet the market is all over the place. Nothing bad enough actually happened to cause the 700-point drops, and nothing good enough happened to justify a 900-point gain.

It's a crock of shit.


rightsaidfred said...

I don't like Wall Street, so keep the insults coming.

But, our little mortgage meltdown has triggered the exposure of an over leveraged world market, so the players are giving themselves wedgies as the markets back down to some level we can sustain.

Deb said...

I wonder if you can smell the panic when you walk the Street.

michelline said...

And why do you think the market should start making sense now? It hasn't in the past.

rightsaidfred said...

michelline, I urge you to study the markets and not be so cynical.