Sunday, October 05, 2008

In Play

I've known the Asheville area is Obama Country since I came here in May for my interview. It was the weekend before the N.C. primary, and Obama signs outnumbered Clinton by ridiculous margins. Since we moved, I think I can count the McCain signs AND bumper stickers I've seen in Asheville on one hand each. Seriously.

It was for that reason I never thought Obama would bother coming to Asheville—he's already got us—any time in N.C might be better spent in Greensboro or somewhere he can swing voters over.

Well, he came to Asheville today and it was huge. I'll post some pics and details shortly., but first I wanted to share some numbers with you... I just went online to double-check my voter registration and saw these numbers on the State site:
Voter Registration as of 10/05/2008
Democratic: 2,741,769
Republican: 1,961,524
Libertarian: 1,696
Unaffiliated: 1,335,415
Total: 6,040,404

Three quarters of a million more registered Democrats. That's fucking huge. This state will be turning blue.

Let me get to my Photoshop...

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