Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Linkdump [continually updated]

Ron Howard's Obama video at FunnyOrDie.

CONVENTIONAL “WISDOM” lists the seven biggest things the political punditry called wrong...I'm not even sure that list gets it right, but I can say I got all but one right (I had a brief period—measured in hours—of panic about Palin), but I was spot-on with 4,5 and 6—and, more importantly, so was Obama.


In an OpEd that appeared at and, Radley Balko makes the libertarian case for Obama. Good stuff, and I don't even take issue with his reservations about Obama. Forward to any center-right or true conservative you know.

Chris Matthews—perhaps making up for lost time and lack of effort—relentlessly pummels a McCain spokesperson on Palin's misunderstanding of the job of VP.

I wouldn't give a shit what al-Qaeda had to say about President Barack Obama, or the price of figs—so I don't really care about this supposed "endorsement" of McCain, and bloggers who waste more pixels on it than I just did are being jackasses.

Unbelievable video from a red-light camera in St. Louis...

Nobody was seriously hurt, which seems almost impossible. But, I have to the hell did that happen? Were they going to two different fires or what? BTW, that could never happen in Asheville as both trucks would be hemmed in by a bunch of Outback-driving stoners.


Rickey Henderson said...

You want righteous liberal indignation? Matthews is the wrong man. Stick with Olberman--he's never failed Rickey before.

Smitty said...

This whole "not understanding the role of veep" thing is kind of a dead-end. All Matthews did was essentially split hairs with whatshername for 6 minutes. Sure, Palin offered a simplified veesion of what the veep does, but 1) look at her predecessor/role model (Cheney); and 2) I think we like to read into her stupidity.

I love the media taking the time to harp on her, but this one...the role of the veep thing...just seems a dead end. Maybe it's the one-more-straw-on-the-camel's-back thing they're going for...

Bob said...

The last conventional wisdom that could be wrong:

Obama has already won.

Mr Furious said...

My Honest opinion on Palin and the VP thing?

She looks at Cheney and the power he wielded, hears the whispers of the Dobsons in her ear and just discovered the the VP is "President of the Senate" and has puffed the job up into something that doesn't actually exist.

When have you EVER heard a VP candidate mention the presiding over the Senate thing before? Seriously. The role is a formality, but some warped fantasy version of it is the first thing out of her mouth when she describes the job?

Caveat: I can understand why she doesn't want to dwell on the succession part of the position, but...come on.