Monday, October 13, 2008

Credit Where Due...

Bush critic Krugman wins 2008 Nobel for economics
By Anna Ringstrom and Sven Nordenstam

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - U.S. economist Paul Krugman, a well-known critic of the Bush administration for policies that he argues led to the current financial crisis, won the 2008 Nobel prize for economics on Monday.

The committee said the award was for Krugman's work that helps explain why some countries dominate international trade.

A prominent economist who writes columns for the New York Times, Krugman has long featured among the favorites to win a Nobel. He is a professor of economics and international affairs at Princeton University in the United States.

I actually thought Krugman had already won in the past…

And yeah, the Reuters headline "Bush critic Krugman wins 2008 Nobel for economics" is not inflammatory at all. His criticism of Bush and his politics had fuck-all to do with what actually won him the award. While it is worth noting his stance on Bush economics as part of the profile, it should not be the lede. Hell, for most of the year I'd've called him "Obama critic Krugman."

But, Professor, you've come to your senses and realized the real threat is more Bushonomics and have been doing yeoman's work of late.


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Smitty said...

I love how the wingnuts are trashing him. Powerline says: It must be depressing to be Paul Krugman. No matter how well the economy performs, Krugman’s bitter vendetta against the Bush administration requires him to hunt for the black lining in a sky full of silvery clouds. With the economy now booming, what can Krugman possibly have to complain about?

With the economy what???

rightsaidfred said...

Booming as in BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!